General Accounting / Accounts Payable

The purpose of the General Accounting/Accounts Payable Division is:
  • To manage the countywide Financial System and process various types of fiscal information for county departments, special districts, and other non-county agencies.
  • To maintain the general ledger.
  • To enforce accounting policies, procedures, and processes.
  • To ensure financial reporting in accordance with county policies and state and federal guidelines.
  • To reconcile fixed asset activity to county inventory.
  1. Analiza Pinlac

    Auditor-Controller Division Manager
    Phone: (925) 335-8632

  2. Haj Nahal

    Assistant Auditor-Controller
    Phone: (925) 335-8600

  3. Accounts Payable Inquiries

    Phone: (925) 335-8680

Frequently Asked Questions

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