Emergency Public Information

Contra Costa County offers our residents many ways to keep up to date on information in an emergency.

Currently, we are monitoring the fires in northern California, and want to provide you with the latest information on what is happening at the many fire locations, as well as how you can help.  We also know many of our residents are being impacted by the smoke and poor air quality.  Visit our Northern California Fire webpage, linked from the top left of this page, for information.

While northern Californians are always generous and ready to help each other, at this time, the affected cities and counties are not equipped to handle the donations of items such as food, clothes, furniture, etc.  They are still responding to the active fire danger.  Cash donations via the Red Cross are encouraged for the time being.

Evacuees are being offered shelter primarily in their own counties, but some are being housed temporarily in Contra Costa County; and in some cases, there may be specific donated items that you could provide that would help.  You can check the websites of each of the cities within the County that might be assisting to see if they have any needs.  

We will keep our website updated as conditions change.  Although the fires don't appear to be heading our way, you always want to be prepared for any emergency.

Sign up for notifications from the County by visiting our "Notify Me" category of our website.  Select the topic titled "Contra Costa Ready," and we'll email you updates on topics such as coping with the heat, sandbags, dealing with storms and extreme weather, and recovery information in the event of an earthquake or other disaster.

Contra Costa County also maintains Community Warning System that allows you to register for alerts by email, telephone or text message in the event of a possible threat to your safety.  Sign up for Warning System alerts, and find out about the sirens that are operational in parts of the County.

Many of our offices use social media to connect with residents in both emergencies and non-emergency situations.  Visit our registry of social media sites in the County and follow those that interest you.

The state and federal governments provide a wide range of emergency information as well.  

Visit the State's Office of Emergency Services for tips and updated information regarding emergencies throughout California.

Stay on top of the latest incidents throughout the nation by visiting the Federal Emergency Management Association website.