Vasco Road Safety Improvements

Project Information

Project No.:  0662-6R4255

Purpose and Need:
Vasco Road is a major rural arterial that is heavily traveled by commuters and has a history of severe collisions.  The project will improve safety on Vasco Road by reducing cross median crashes.  These long-term upgrades and improvements will provide substantial safety improvements to the roadway.

Phase 1:
Construction for Phase 1 improvements was completed in January 2012.  Improvements included construction of approximately 1 mile of concrete median barrier, bridge and roadway widening to close a gap in the southbound truck climbing/passing lane.  Project funding came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, federal earmark, Proposition 1B, Measure C/J sales tax, and Gas tax.

Phase 2:
Phase 2 will continue the concrete median barrier in the northerly direction through the existing 3-lane segment for an approximate length of 1.5 miles.  Associated pavement widening, signing, striping, turn pockets, retaining walls, drainage improvements, wildlife mitigation, bridge widening, and barrier end-treatments will be constructed as necessary to accommodate the installation of the median barrier.  The project is fully funded with a combination of Regional Measure 3 funds, Gas Tax, and Measure C/J funds.  Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.

Project Limits:
  Along Vasco Road, approximately 3.0 miles to 5.5 miles north of the Alameda/Contra Costa County Line
Supervisory District: #3
Thomas Brothers Map Reference: 637, C-7

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