Byron Airport (C83)

Byron Airport Entrance
Byron Airport (C83) opened to the public in 1994 to provide greater service to the eastern part of Contra Costa County. Located approximately three miles south of the Town of Byron, with an administrative office at 500 Eagle Court, the Airport is an ideal facility for general aviation and a popular base for skydivers, gliders and other recreational flight activities.

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Byron Airport Layout

Byron Airport Layout

Facilities at Byron Airport


C83's hangars are currently at full capacity with a 
waiting list for hangar vacancies. Tie-down parking and transient aircraft parking are available at current rates.

Byron Airport has the following facilities available to all hangar and tie-down tenants:
  • Owner Maintenance Hangar with a spacious bay for simple exchange of parts and changing oil. Please review the Owner Maintenance Hangar Rules
  • Oil Con-Vault for disposal of spent oil, located near the Owner Maintenance Hangar
  • Aircraft Wash Rack
Businesses Located at Byron Airport
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Byron Airport Habitat Management Land and Grazing Leases

Airport property covers approximately 1,427 acres. 934 acres are currently under a conservation easement for the preservation and enhancement of the San Joaquin kit fox and other special-status species. Learn more about the 
Byron Airport Habitat Management Land (HML) and Grazing Leases used as part of the Habitat Management Plan.

HML Sign