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TurboCourt asks questions designed to collect the necessary information to open and process a child support case. It places that information into the appropriate forms and allows you to save and return to your work, using a password that you create. When you've answered all the questions, electronically submit your application.

We encourage you to use TurboCourt to open a child support case.

DCSS also offers the following forms for download. Just print, complete and return to us by mail or in person.

California Department of Child Support Resources - Download the complete Application for Support Services Packet or individual portions as needed.

Compromise of Arrears Program - You may be able to pay less than your debt to the government if your child received public assistance if you qualify.

Declaration of Paternity Rescission Form - Anyone who has signed a Declaration of Paternity may use this form to cancel it within 60 days.

Request for Telephone Appearance - Forms and instructions needed to make a telephone appearance.

Child Support Payment Coupons - Use these coupons to remit your monthly child support payments.

Seek Work Logs - Keep track of hours while searching for work.